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A Guide to the chaotic world of BATTLEBOTs,
alien invaders, pesky cyber-kids and psi powers

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Program Error: BATTLEBOT Quiz | BATTLEBOT Flash Mook Book

Program Error: BATTLEBOT (4 pgs) - At the behest of world leaders, BB uses the BATTLEBOT to annihilate the massive Megamondo Empire invasion fleet.

Program Error: BATTLEBOT MkII (6 pgs) - Running from a truant officer, Jimu and Donu discover the BATTLEBOT MkII and use it to outwit the intrusive Xorn warship and "dust off" the enemy homeworld to preclude future invasion attempts.

Program Error: Z-BATTLEBOT (7 pgs) - The Secret of Unobtainium is stolen by Zeta (presumed dead!). Under the command of The Galaxy Master, she is ordered to kill Banzai Boy and pave the way for invasion!

Part II (2 pgs) - Distraught by Zeta's death, Deni develops and uses psychic powers to destroy the Galaxy Master.

Do You Remember Zeta? (9 pgs) - BB recalls the good times with Zeta before she trained in the BATTLEBOT program, and the events that lead to her untimely and tragic (first?) death.

Program Error: Hyper-BATTLEBOT (32 pgs) - The enemy Zorn fleet develops a Megamondo financed secret weapon, the Positron Cannon, in order to destroy the Earth. Dr. Cortex recruits new BATTLEBOT pilots to supplement BB, and develops new and exotic BATTLEBOTs to defend Earth. To combat the Earth pilots' skills, a Zorn scientist unveils an artificially created pilot, Atez. Technical problems and politics plague the war machines of both sides.

Zeta:0093 (2 pgs) - Battle babe Zeta visits a DAI meeting and discovers things haven't changed.
Read "Zeta:0093"

Deni's Day (5 pgs) - Deni goes to DAI meeting where her purity must be protected by escort Rich.
Read "Deni's Day"

Program Error: Micro-BATTLEBOT (7 pgs) - After relentless taunting and with the help of Magical Mikki, BB's little brother Kanji battles brats Jimu and Don-kun in home-made powered-battlesuits.

BGM Blues (14 pgs) - BB and Dr. Cortex's argument over the necessity of BGM music in BATTLEBOT technology causes Cortex to recruit a new test pilot.
Read "BGM Blues"

Earth's Hero - BB's sour persona prompts the EarthGov to look for a replacement hero---one with more CHARISMA!!

BATTLEBOT: APOCALYPSE!! Story to be determined!

BATTLEBOT 3000: Legacy of Litigation - It has been 15 years since the legendary days of BB's Earth-saving adventures. Now the once-proud heroes are nearly forgotten, a new breed of heroes protect our home planet. But what plan does Deni have to make the Earth safe from aliens FOREVER?!!
BATTLEBOT 2000:LoL contains brain-busting revelations of the awful fates of the people we once admired. The truth hurts!!---ask the near-extinct race of Zorn!!

Program Error: BATTLEBOT---The Movie (script only) - A Retelling of BATTLEBOT history in condensed format, with deaths of some characters, and overwhelmingly gratuitious destruction.

BATTLEBOT Animations:

Pt. 1 Xenophobia - Citizens of Earth don't like ALIENS!
Pt. 2 Vow of Violence - BB's lifestyle is rudely interrupted!
Pt. 3 S.T.A.I.R. Directives - Dr. Cortex explains BB's Mission!
Pt. 4 BATTLEBOT's Fury - The Battle is engaged!

First Strike - The complete story of the Megamondo Empire's Invasion Attempt!!