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RW Arnold

Richard W. Arnold began sketching cartoons while in high school, creating short comical stories to entertain his friends between classes (Attack of the Marshmallow People, The Invincible Scrounge, The Weird Limits). Soon the practice became a regular hobby. By his senior year he began to contribute cartoon and science fiction illustrations to amatuer newsletters, an activity he would continue over the next 10 years.

Captain Neoplan 2 cover

During his university years,(CU Boulder, MSC Denver--B.S. EET 1985), Rich drew a horde of comic-book stories (Galactic Adventures (96 eps.), Disco Danno, The Rim War), one-panel gag cartoons, and comic strips. By the mid 1980s Rich had contributed to dozens of anime newsletters, APAs, and science fiction fanzines around the country, and had drawn two comic books for the Neoplan USA bus company (Captain Neoplan, Dec. 1984 & 1985).

Acme Comics 07

From 1984-87, he joined a comic book workshop group, ACME Comics, where members critiqued each other's storytelling and art talents. He contributed to some of ACME's near-annual anthology of comic stories (Acme Comics #4-8: At the Comics Shop, Simu-Sport, Carson of the Solar Academy, Crisis On Infinite New Universes).

Stray Particles 6

In 1986, as a member of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization of Denver (C/FOoD), now known as Denver Anime International, Rich drew cover art for the club's newsletter, character and mechanical illustrations, gag cartoons, and original manga-type stories based on popular elements of Japanese animation. He painted anime style pictures and caricatures for club members, and briefly assumed duties as editor of the club newsletter, (Stray Particles, 1987-88), and sold anime-styled art at science fiction conventions.


Rich had fan art published in Japanese anime magazines (Globian, Aug. 1986, pg.23; Animage-April 1987, pg.162, Oct 1988, pg.174). His association with ACME Comics led to the printing of a 32-page comic book, Program Error: BATTLEBOT by Phantasy Press in 1987. In addition, he drew illustrations and daily cartoon style works for Star Con and Star Fest Denver science fiction convention program books.


In the early 1990's Rich continued his work for science fiction conventions and animation clubs, and returned to college to earn a degree in art (AS Arts, Community College of Aurora, 1995).

Love Shortage

Colony Drop

By the mid 1990's Rich began digital illustration and designing web pages on PCs. He enrolled in the Art Institute of Phoenix to hone his skills and make web graphics design his career choice, graduating in 1999. Now digital graphic art/new media are part of his cartoon design toolbox, helping to produce animated and interactive cartoons (Tween Racer, Naldoman's Guide to Animation, Gundam Colony Drop, Rock-it-Science promo, BBot toons, and others.). Rich bided his time as a moderator on Flash Kit in 2000, recounting historic anime lore to visitors and encouraging people to join talents in creating new work, as well as adding a creative touch to eLearning animations at Thomson-NETg (KnowledgeNet), and doing the odd sketch for Can-Do-Graphics. Since 2003 Rich has worked building eLearning and corporate administration demos, banner ads, interactive presentations, and sketched the occasional cartoon for blogs like Art Jumble.

dead chickens com

Rich Arnold lived and attended schools for 20 years in Denver, Colorado until moving to Arizona ( Phoenix East Valley ) near the turn of the century, to soak up the desert heat, ride his bike and pedal car, paddle a kayak, and sketch cartoons.

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